Paper Flowers Frequently Asked Questions

Paper Flowers Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries for backdrop using paper flowers and there’s a lot of misconception that we’d like to clear once and for all. Below are the frequently asked questions based from our experience:

  1. COST – How much does it cost? Just like your usual backdrop. Since they’re made out of papers, most think that they’re pretty cheap which is wrong. Sure if you DIY, it will be cheaper which will cost you less BUT what if you don’t have the time? What if you don’t have the luxury to do all of it on your own? By then you’ll be needing a supplier who can. As for the cost, you are not only paying for the papers but also the labor of the supplier. The one who carefully crafted each petals so it will be as lovely as your pinterest peg 😉
  2. TIME – How long will it take? For us it’s usually 7-14 working days especially if we also have other events. Making paper flowers take time so please find a supplier ahead of your wedding date. Make sure you decide if you can DIY it early on or not so you can find the perfect supplier for your paper flower wall. It will be a headache when you thought you can do it yourself but when it’s 3-7 days before your wedding you’ll realise that you won’t be able to finish on time, Yikes! **BUT If you have a bunch of girl friends (most likely your bridesmaids, sisters or sister-in-laws) who can help you, it would be awesome!Pink yellow red
  3. BASE WALL – Where do we put the flowers? Okay, you’re done with all the flowers but how will you make a wall out of it? You have to at least have a mesh wall or a wooden panel to create a paper flower wall. Next best thing are the large styro foams used for kiddie backdrops but make sure it’s sturdy enough to carry the weight of the paper flowers. The papers are quite heavy depending on the layers of each flower.
  4. SPACE – The paper flowers are quite bulky so you may be charged with an additional delivery charge especially if it’s the whole wall. They won’t be able to put it in a tight box since paper flowers can be easily damaged.
  5. INSTALLATION – How do we install? If you don’t have a stylist, make sure to have someone know how to install the flowers. Make the back of the paper flower really sturdy so you have a place where you can put the hot glue. As for the gaps, you can create small leaves to add on the gaps or smaller paper flowers to add on the smaller spaces. **They won’t be as good if they look like they’re wilted. Bring as many glue sticks are you can just in case.

So there, These are just based from our experience. If you have other things to add, feel free to comment below! 🙂

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