Supplier Friendly Wedding Venue?

Supplier Friendly Wedding Venue?

I was kind of inspired by one of the stylist who posted a very colorful post on our group. It was very on point that I decided to expound the list so some clients/soon to be brides or debutantes may be enlightened when it comes to finding their own venues. One of the things clients tend to overlook when it comes to venue hunting for their events is the flexibility of each venue when it comes to supplier’s ingress/egress or for guests as well. Here are some of the issues that we usually encounter during ingress/egress:

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  1. TIME – If it’s a simple setup like birthdays or intimate weddings, a 4-hour ingress time is still okay however if you have ceiling treatment and other hanging elements you might want to ask your venue to extend it a bit or ask your catering if it’s okay to setup after the ceiling is done. If your venue only allotted two hours for setup, suppliers might ask for an extension or extra fee for more manpower to finish the setup on time. Whew! Just thinking about a two hour setup makes me nervous. Lol!
  2. ELEVATOR – Now I may have several issues when it comes to service elevators.
    1. SIZE – Some service elevators are SMALL. If you will be bringing in couches, 4x8ft backdrop or what not, please do have an ocular together with your suppliers or inform them early on that the venue won’t be at the ground floor so they can schedule their own ocular.
    2. FUNCTION – We’ve had one or two event venues who have service elevators but only one is functioning so you also need to consider the time. It may take time for ingress if service elevator is also used by the employees. Imagine putting 10 panels with 6 passengers as well. Yikes!
    3. LOCATION – No problem for us if we need to use service elevators BUT if the unloading area is too far from the elevators, that would suck. I mean not all of our stuff can be loaded on our push carts right? So our manpower would be too tired to do the actual setup when during unloading of equipments, we’re already running rugged.
  3. HOLDING AREA – Some suppliers are not part of the reception especially stylists, HMUAs (some), etc. This is okay if the supplier’s office is near the area or transpo won’t be a problem then go back on pullout. It’s still better if there’s at least an area where suppliers can take a rest.
  4. CONTRUCTION – We understand that yes, we can’t construct fully on our items since ideally all materials should be ready to mount during the event however, going back to no. 2 – Elevator – If your elevator is small, we can’t bring in bigger panels. Some items need to be reinstalled so they can be used on the wedding. We know that upon ocular, we should know the size of the elevator and the right materials to bring so upon ingress we won’t need to construct anything BUT what if your client has a LED panel which needs a particular frame size to use? Or this particular design is what the client requested? Right? Right?
  5. VENTILATION – It’s basic knowledge that air condition will be opened 2 hours before the event. For our part, we are at the venue sometimes midnight until reception. So imagine the agony of doing setup without any sort of air? Even a tiny electric fan will do. Tipid much guys? Especially on super enclosed areas (hotels, restaurant, clubs). At least a bit of air or water please?

So far these are the list that I noticed on ingress. Will add more kapag meron ulit! Haha! The list is never ending but it’s a learning process for all of us. We’re not complaining – it’s part of the job and this is what we love! So no worries – If bet mo talaga the venue kahit 66th floor pa, go ahead! We’ll give our best parin (Pero service elevator ah?) Hehe.

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