Riezelle’s Hollywood Themed Debut

Ticket booth and lighted easel

We had so much fun creating designs for Riezelle’s debut. It’s a different take on what we are used to since the event will have a concert type approach. For starters, guests will have to line up and get tickets from the booth upon entrance making you feel that you will be entering a concert … Read moreRiezelle’s Hollywood Themed Debut

Charlene’s Travel Themed Debut

Travel themed events has been one of the most sought after themes ever since because of it’s flexibility when it comes to design and creativity. There’s a huge room to play with when it comes to travel but also challenging in some parts. Now for our team, we were only given almost a week to … Read moreCharlene’s Travel Themed Debut

Paula Angela’s Stunning 18th Birthday!

On April 30, at Bag of Beans Tagatay we held a fun and exciting styling for Paula Angela’s 18th birthday! For Paula Angela’s Stage, we decided to design the backdrop with Cherry Blossom side arch and hanging wisteria for accent. We also added small wooden holders,  rustic bottles and table numbers, greens and featers for and … Read morePaula Angela’s Stunning 18th Birthday!

Angela’s Hamptons Inspired 18’th Birthday!

It’s a very exciting experience styling a Hamptons inspired debut for Angela’s 18th birthday on March 5 at City Garden Hotel, Makati! For the stage we decided to put a White couch that complements the urn vase with flowers and the backdrop! and for the center piece we put a combination of awesome flower arrangement!   Who … Read moreAngela’s Hamptons Inspired 18’th Birthday!