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For a more details quotation, please send us the follow details:

  • Event Name
  • What Type of Event
  • Event Date
  • Event Venue / Venue Photos
  • Budget (Optional)
  • Event Pegs (Photos and event reference) 

Basically all the details that you can send to us so we can quote properly. The more you can send a clear picture of what you want, what you envision your event to be, the more we can help you curate the best event for you! Thank you and happy planning! 

A note to clients:

Apologies in advance if we are not answering your calls. We appreciate if you can SMS/Text us your inquiry with details of your event so we can provide a more detailed answers. Please understand that as much as we’d like to talk to you in person, we also have meetings and preps during weekdays. There’s also a better conversation trail with emails and SMS. Weekends are usually filled with events. Rest assured that our team is doing their best to answer all inquiries during office hours. If you really wish to talk to us, kindly send us an SMS first so we can try to answer your call. We promise to send a reply as soon as we’re available.