Bon and Myjo’s Park Themed Wedding

Bon and Myjo’s Park Themed Wedding

We’re so excited to share with you our wedding last December 11!!!! Okay, so this has been almost half a year in the making so we’re really excited to see it come to life. As you all know, our team is considered a baby in the wedding industry so we’re kind of nervous with this wedding. It’s actually quite simple and very laid back but you know what we’ve realized was.. simple doesn’t really translate as easy! Oh boy, did we learned from that one.

For starters, the couple, Bon and Myjo wanted a very relaxed atmosphere despite their venue – City Of Dreaaaams! Hotel that we need to at least transform into a park. Did I mention that their theme is a Park? I just did! You’ll see our stage setup below with the cake table on the side. Since we couldn’t really make a swing on the stage for security reasons, we just tried to make it look like a swing. Complete with chains and a mini tree.

Couple's Area

Swing couple's area

A frontal look of the backdrop. We added the mini fence to break the darkness of the backdrop. Faux Swing

Covered the feet of the “swing” to make it look like it’s suspended. Hanging Cake Area

On the side is the “suspended” cake table. We couldn’t really hang the cake table since the rigging point at City of Dreams are minimal and we wouldn’t be able to put it in that position if we want to hang it.

Suspended VIP

Now for the VIP table, the couple didn’t want the sponsors to no be able to see each other that’s why it’s higher than the usual hanging centerpieces. I personally love the globe tea light holders!

VIP Centerpieces

Can you see the skirting on our VIP chairs? How cool right? These skirts are crafted by our team so it’s 100% made out of love!

Hanging CenterpiecesLOOK: VIP Centerpieces, Stage, Cake table and hanging accents.

gazebo wedding

Here’s another favorite. The entrance to the ballroom. We called it a Tunnel type entrance since they will have to go through several pairs of arch with hanging wisterias going inside the ballroom. 4 pairs before the door and another 4 upon entry. The other half has a slightly different setup since we added fairy lights to complete the dreamy feel of the entrance. While the main entrance has a gate and brick pillar to make it look like you’re really entering a park. 🙂

Entrance at the Wedding

Looking from the inside

Wedding at City Of Dreams Ceiling Accents – we had a hard time installing most of the hanging items since the tables and chairs were already set up when we did our ingress at 3am! I requested that the chairs and table were not there during ingress or at least the first few hours so I’m not sure why it has not been noted. 🙁 We could’ve done so much more.

Memorabilia Corner

Memorabilia Corner2016-12-11-15-55-42

Photowall and Memorabilia side by Side. – Guests can take their time having their pictures taken so they won’t be bored while waiting for the couple to arrive after their post nup photos! 🙂

Photobooth Lamp posts, fences, rustic panels were the accents for the park themed memorabilia and photowall.

Submerged Centerpiece

For the guests, we did a simple submerged centerpiece since they have a lauriat type dinner so we can’t create a bulky centerpiece nor a high one.

We’re really happy that we pulled it off and extra happy that our couple loved our work. there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing that your clients appreciate the hard work that we exerted with their event. Now, here are the things that we learned through out this experience:

  • INGRESS – When your event is in a hotel or any venue that has an in house catering, be prepared for their early setup as well. They won’t mind setting up their tables and chairs early because they don’t have outsiders. Tables, chairs, food are in house. BUT we can ask the manager to give you a space for the scaffolding to go through at least
  • LOADING BAY – Don’t ignore this. The loading dock of City of Dreams going to the ballroom is extremely far especially if your truck is more than 2m for the parking’s vertical clearance. You won’t be able to park directly at the ballroom parking. I think it took us until morning to completely unload all of our materials in the ballroom. Whew! That was an experience we don’t want to experience AGAIN. We have one pushcart at that time so after the wedding, we fabricated 3 more. haha! So make sure you know your routes or you have enough push carts so the unloading won’t take as long
  • FOOD – Think beforehand where your team can eat. Some hotels are very strict with food coming from the outside so ask where are the designated areas you can eat. In City of Dreams, there’s like a a hallway for crew to eat.
  • REST – Once everything is set and done, your crew needs to rest. May it be in the side of the parking, inside the truck or they can go home first to sleep then go back after if the venue is not that far. Rest is very important especially during peak season. Bring mats or pillows so your team will have the energy to pack up everything after the event again! haha.

So there! We still have many things to learn for our future events so stay tuned for more posts! Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you’re a bride to be, we hope you learn something from us! 🙂 🙂 Happy preps!




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