Ronald and Che’s Renewal of Vows

Ronald and Che’s Renewal of Vows

On November 9, 2016 at Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood City, We have styled the renewal of vows of Sir Ronald and Che. It was a fantastic day to setup this wonderful themed wedding! The challenge was, we need to create a stage backdrop containing at least 4 major areas due to space limitation. There would also be performances on the dance floor so we need a clear space below the stage. So we came up with the design below:


As you can see, the left side is the couple’s area. next to it is a space for the cake and the ceremony since this is a renewal of vows for Ronald and Che. Normally, we only need one backdrop but since it’s a renewal, we need two! Then last is the LED wall. We have 30ft Width to maximize the backdrop but the LED wall already has 12ft. So imagine having just half of the 30 ft to contain 3 major areas of your wedding! Whew! At least we manage to pull it off. 😉

For the aisle, there are pedestal with a silver shear cloth on it and  urn vases with baby’s breath flower.


Now for the dessert area, we were not aware that the table would also include the finger foods so we only prepared one panel for the backdrop. It would be awkward to just place it on the right with the dessert so we just put it in the middle and added side accents so it won’t look awkward in the middle with only one panel.

dessert buffet setup

paper flowers

dessert bar setup

stage area renewal of vows

The couples area!

couple's area renewal of vows

And finally the photobooth area slash photowall slash memorabilia! The backdrop is decorated with red paper flowers, a console table with some flower accents and picture with picture frames, and ladder shelf with picture frames.

red paper flowers


Silver Anniversary Renewal of Vows