Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding

Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding

Last April, we’ve had the pleasure of styling a uniquely themed wedding. What better theme to add in a romantic wedding other than a Shakespeare? The couple were based abroad so the Coordinators (Celebre Events) were our contact most of the time. Almost everything were communicated online which saved us a lot of time since the traffic is awful throughout the metro.

Our own interpretation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer nights dream. 2016-04-03-17.49.57

Photowall complete with rustic pallets and formosa leaves2016-04-03-17.49.51

We also added famous snippets from the Novel to better incorporate the theme2016-04-03-17.49.17-1

Isn’t this dreamy?

A Combination of awesome flower arrangement for the VIP section. It was an amazing scene when all the candle lights were lit! 2016-04-03-17.00.23

Of course! Who couldn’t forget the sweets section? We obviously didn’t! While the couple were still doing their post nup shoot, the guests were happily enjoying the candy corner.2016-04-03-16.56.42

Guest centerpiece setup of course still with orchids and moss at the base 🙂


We were also the one who did the flowers for the entourage but unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture all of them. Thanks Brilliant Bum Photography for the photos!


Ms. Angela’s cascading bouquet12718022_1061395187232505_296624424827616084_n

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