Ej and Klarie’s Ethereal Wedding

Ej and Klarie’s Ethereal Wedding

Our team recently opened our doors to Full Ceremony Styling package to make it easier for soon to weds to have their christian or outdoor wedding ceremony. Although we already have setup for Ceremony styling with our chairs, the wedding of Ej and Klarie was the first one to have a complete package offered to them.

What we love

  • The clean look of the function room – Nothing beats all white function rooms ever! It gives us the maximum capacity to style and decorate the place without worrying if the design will work with the venue.
  • The theme – It’s an all white wedding! So we love how clean and elegant it looked. Especially when partnered with mood lights.
  • Arch in the middle – Normally, we put an arch at the entrance but this time, we have an arch in the middle and a metal arch in the entrance. The arch in the middle adds a wow factor when the bride walks in or when guests simply took a photo :p
  • Low ceiling – This is not so visible in the photo but when we saw that the venue has low ceiling, we added crystal curtains in between the position of the pedestals. So awesome when you see it sparkling in person. I love how it adds to the design but subtle enough that it doesn’t hinders the view of the guests.
  • All Artificial Ensemble – Don’t get us wrong, we so love fresh flowers! But Ej and Klarie’s wedding was January. Now if you don’t know, January-February is still peek season. I believe it’s more at peek in these months than June contrary to popular belief. Back to the Point, an all fresh white flowers will cost them $$$$$ if we’ll push though with all fresh flowers so we offered them an artificial type of ceremony styling. Who would have though right? But it turned out super nice so we’re very happy!

Cherry Blossom Themed Wedding

Ethereal Christian wedding Ceremony


Altar Gazebo White Wedding


Entrance Hall

The package

For those who are curious about our package, below are the inclusions:

  • 100 pcs white folding chairs
  • gazebo setup with chandelier
  • console table for the priest
  • couple’s seat
  • Aisle arrangement
  • Entrance Reveal
  • Off white runner

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